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​​I just want to take a minute to thank you for visiting my page. It really means the world to me. 


Have you ever started a conversation where you thought it was open to honesty and quickly realized that the other person really is set in their own opinion on the subject? That they just really weren't ready or open to trying to see that there very well could be another side or veiw on the topic at hand? Well, I have all to often and feel that it's time we change how we communicate with others.
The key to communication is listening with the willingness to understand what the person is trying to express and taking the time to understand before judgement forms.  In that we find progress. The key to progression is education. Which we need much more of. No, I don't mean the "Don't question me" kind of education were taught in school. I mean the kind where you can ask anything and have an open discussion on the subject. If someone is in questioning it means they really don't understand it completely and are really trying to. That is how the world should be. We should be open to converstaion and learning something new. We really don't know everyhting, Although some would argue otherwise. Ha ha!
Think of it like this, Life is like a science experiement. We have an educated guess on how things will turn out but we could very well be wrong. The beauty is that we learn from the experience and change how we approach it the next time. That's progress! When we keep a closed mind and live in a bubble we call cognitive dissonance, we can't progress. We just keep hovering in the same place never to meet a better destination. I don't know about you but that sounds extremely boring to me.

 My vision is to have a blog/ webpage where people can come to talk freely without judgement or disrespect. A place where we can share our ideas, passions, ways of living and DIY remedies. Please be respectful and keep an open mind. I've come to realize over the years that it is very hard this day and age to be honest and have a conversation without offending someone. It really shouldn't be that difficult, should it? Everyone thinks they want honesty but when they come face to face with it they quickly change their minds. Honesty can be scary, especially when it questions what you grew up believing. We have to remember there is always more than one side and that not everything and everyone is as they appear. I am hoping that finally we can exercise our right to freedom of speech in an educating, respectful and open minded way.  

Who's ready to help change that?


Experience life, Laugh as much as you can, Have fun and always keep and open mind!!​​